ABout McIver Motor Trimmers

Roger McIver of Adelaide Seat Belt & Seating Specialist is a qualified Motor Trimmer who has over 30 years experience in the installation and supplying of seat belts, manufacture of aftemarket seating for

  • Commercial Vans
  • Access
  • Maxi Taxis
  • Station Wagons
  • 4WDS.

All seats are made locally in South Australia and come with a 5 year warranty (lifetime warranty on the frame).

South Australian Police may issue a defect notice for your vehicle, if your seat belt is frayed, damaged or not retracting properly.

In a lot of cases the replacement of a worn or damaged seat belt can be achieved by fitting an aftermarket unit, saving sometimes hundreds of dollars off the price of the genuine part.

To check your seat belt, you should fully extend the webbing and check both sides for wear and then once released, the belt should retract fully without assistance.

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